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About Us

Salynt AI development Founders team

The Salynt Story

Since 2017, we've focused on fixing the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We founded Salynt on the principle that you could generalize any issue, and the software we produced could handle those issues by accelerating teams. But, unfortunately, what makes AI difficult is that the traditional science/engineering approach of "divide and conquer" doesn't work: there are too many parts, and they're too tightly bound together.


Our team provides a different approach.

Divide and Conquer is not the approach in engineering. On the contrary, engineers build integrated systems for production-level code. It is the opposite approach of data science, which relies heavily on analysis. The problem with AI is the lack of engineers.


Our solution integrates analytics and engineering principles into production with ease.

The Founders

Salynt was founded by Jeremy Lawson, Ruthe Huang and James Dempsey.​



Jeremy is a Co-Founder of Salynt. Jeremy has been in the tech industry for over ten years. He has engaged with the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC) to provide and coordinate identity data management strategies for multiple platforms and domains using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

He's also committed to non-profit work in his spare time. Jeremy sits on the Board of the International Black Fire-fighters Museum, is a member of The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences, and was the previous President of the Maryland Black Caucus Foundation.

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Ruthe is a Co-Founder at Salynt. Ruthe's expertise as a Data Scientist is formidable, providing the perfect strategic advantage in the field of AI/machine learning. In addition, her passion is to provide solutions to other data scientists' pain points within the discipline.


Ruthe's background as a data scientist began in the public sector, where she focused on biostatistics and public health. Since then, she's worked at Booz Allen Hamilton and Practical Intelligence as a Senior Data Scientist. Furthermore, Ruthe teaches mathematics and statistics in her free time, mentors criminal justice-involved scholars, and enjoys hiking, water sports, and the symphony.

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James is a spirited software engineer and the Co-Founder at Salynt. He oversees the design and development of Salynt, software that's providing an advantage to tech and business leaders everywhere.

Recently, James received a patent for creating a modular analytic development framework, which could rapidly construct cyber analytics. Previously, he was lead software engineer on the Real-Time Processing (RTP) team at Xandr, working on bid and impression process optimization in real-time and curated-deal advertising auctions.

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